About EAT cetera

I fell in love for the first time when I was ten years old. It happened in a restaurant in West Cork, where I was on holiday with my parents. It wasn’t the brooding teenager at the next table, or the waiter, neither was it the rather charming chef, who came out and did a sort of dance as he described to us the special of the day. No, it was the food that stole my heart. It was as though my taste buds had just woken up after a long and profound sleep. I’d never been a fussy eater; I enjoyed food enormously and was famous for my vulture-like tendencies in the school refectory, swooping in on half-eaten plates the moment my fellow diners (often strangers) dismissed them. I was known, in some circles, as The Hoover. But I didn’t think about what I was eating.  I liked everything indiscriminately and gobbled it down in a childlike, care-free kind of way. But that night in the restaurant, I was overwhelmed. I won’t detail what I ate – it’s not the point – but I realised then that food could be really exciting, and that eating out is one of the greatest pleasures available to us. A good restaurant is a happy place where friends, families and lovers can relax and catch up over delicious food and wine. A very good restaurant can take us one step further, and surprise and excite us in ways we never imagined were possible. And food can do that. Atmosphere, style and service are all crucial, but when it comes down to it, it’s what’s on the plate that really matters. My taste buds, like me, eat out in Dublin. They got opinions – and they wanna share them with you…


1 thought on “About EAT cetera”

  1. theblogofbrent said:

    You really captured the sheer delight that accompanies a good meal out. Well done 🙂

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